"Best 2K I Ever Spent": The Mug-Shot MakeOver

by Sun Kersor · January 11, 2011

Plan ahead and don't pull a Nick Nolte. Use a deep leave-in condition. If wearing a Hawaiian shirt,  look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Do I look a little silly?"

As your night owl life shakes up this year, you may want to think about the photographic exposure you may face for your debauchery.

Exude confidence. Shoulder shrugging will make you appear sheepish. Points and props, though, for the unbuttoned decollage beauty.

LiLo's approach: stare vacantly, in wonder. But make sure you get your roots did, for crying out loud, before being taken downtown!

Do not...I repeat, do not...look like a deer in headlight a la Heather Locklear.

Frank Sinatra got taken to the clink for carousing with a married woman in 1938. Be sure not to let your hair part slip.

If your goal is to avoid the appearance of sketchiness, try to calm your sweat glands. There's nothing grosser than  excessive sudations when it comes to hands-on crime.

[Image via Myspace Antics, Posh 24People, Buzz Pirates, Ebaum's World]