"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Keeping It Fierce For Fashion At The Geoffrey Mac After Party

by Emily Green · October 18, 2010

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It's a simple fact that events celebrating an art, whether a film festival, award show, music fest or fashion week, are just as much if not more so about the after parties. And as Geoffrey Mac's L.A. Fashion Week post-collection preview party at Bardot demonstrated, the fashion peoples know how to party.  See how the designers' L.A. fans friends kept it fierce while getting down after his fashion soirée.

Grooving to the beat with composure is key.

Don't let those stoic expressions fool you. You know from the gloves, vintage sequins and florals, and hot pink wig that these two are down to get down.

This crew would've gotten an A+ for cleavage, a buzzed side panel, Gaga-esque sunglasses, sequins and body glitter, but the one in the middle is totally ruining it. Smiling is not fierce.

Yes, the 5lb. feather headdress/mask piece stays on for the after party and dancing, otherwise the whole look goes out the window.

Wearing nothing but a long apron is the essence of avant-garde.

It's not a fashion party without some tranny up in the mix.

Even the DJ gives his best "Blue Steel" to maintain the vibe of the party.