"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Monster Massive Highs & Lows

by Emily Green · October 27, 2010

This shirt is hilarious! I want one. No, wait, I want one that says 'I ♥ Fresno.'

Keep reading for more highs and lows from this year's Monster Massive rave.

Last weekend's Monster Massive Halloween rave in Exposition Park was the site of several unpleasant incidents, but let's not let that discredit those who made it through the rager unscathed. Raves are basically excuses to dress up in costumes, so we had high expectations for a Halloween one. But not everyone was quite up to snuff...

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Aw, someone didn't get the memo about the costume. Just like Mean Girls : "On Wednesdays we wear pink!"

Who wouldn't want all of Sesame Street to be rolling?

Slutty Dr. Seuss characters are always a win.

Asians are fierce enough, but we don't see any real costumes here.

Isn't this basically what you ladies wore on spring break last year?

Um, New High. Congrats, bumble bee-mime-raver walking with purpose holding a lunchbox.

Hey, Midnight Cowboy, your Stormtrooper is missing his helmet!

Where the party at, homes?