"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Smartwater Gets Classy

by guestofaguest · September 24, 2010

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No, this isn't a NuvaRing commercial. It's just Smartwater getting fancy! Last night, Los Angeles Magazine joined forces with Glaceau Smartwater to celebrate the launch of their new glass bottle at Sunset Tower Hotel. Because glass is a lot classier than the common man's plastic, the beverage giant needed to make sure the event echoed the bottle upgrade.

"Don't we just take it up a notch holding these new glass bottles?"

"Oh no, see, the difference between us and the Jersey Shore dancing on top of furniture is the blazer."

"We love wearing these swimming caps because they make us feel less slutty at parties where everyone else is fully clothed." - Aqualillies

"Aren't I a gentleman for standing in the middle of this third wheel situation?"

"Oh yes, they are SO worth the calories!"

"I'm the DJ so can get away with a T-shirt without downgrading the party. This is L.A."

"I hate this hat but I wore it for my wife. She loves Don Draper."