"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" The Generation Of Jaded At Dim Mak Tuesdays

by Emily Green · July 28, 2010

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Dim Mak Tuesdays strikes again! Fans of the weekly party at Cinespace were treated to a night of live music by Iceland's Steed Lord, plus DJ sets by Them Jeans, Dan Oh, and DJ Huggs. Despite the fun times people were having on the dance floor, these kids seem jaded by the whole club scene. This generation needs to buck up or take its sorry attitude and dirty hipster hair home if that's how it's going to be. Some of us are actually here to have fun. Hey, apathetic non-contributors: get over yourselves!

Wow, at least man tank boy is making an effort

"Smiling hurts"

"Omg will she kill me if I tell her to get off? My arm is asleep!"

"I mean, honestly, why do we even come, here? Look at these people..."

"Smiling really hurts"

Maybe if you guys stopped making those faces you'd look a little less like apes.

Calm down, sweetheart, we're not yearning to be friends with you, either

"I hate my friends for bringing me here"