"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Why Your Party Should Have Some Mexican Flavor

by guestofaguest · December 17, 2010

Since Mexican elements are such an integral part of L.A.'s melting pot culture, some of our favorite things about this town hail from south of the border and it only makes sense that you incorporate some of these Mexican customs when throwing a party for your fellow Angelenos. Let's take a look at how spicing up Undocumented Management's party at the new Puma Social Club with some Mexican flavor made this a proper fiesta.

The first thing to address would be the fact that L.A. chicks love Mexican-ness at an event, and attracting hot girls to your party is half the battle to making a it a good one. The festive decorations set the night apart from just another social gathering and tequila will ensure they stick around for a while.

Everyone loves live entertainment but there's something about a mariachi band that makes people want to get down. One disclaimer: guys beware, the outfits also have a potent effect that may drive your girlfriend wild.

However, it's safe to say nobody wants to hear mariachi band the entire night. We can only appreciate "Guantanamera" and "La Bamba" so many times in a single night, so it's important offset the live folk tunes with a DJ.

See how the combo of mariachi and DJ sets keeps the dance floor busy?

Skulls and crossbones, gothic fonts, fleur des lis, etc. are passé, but Dia De Los Muertos skulls will always be cool.

Margaritas. Need I say more? Well, just one quick thing: not only do they make a party but they can also ignite a person's creative side...

So make sure you supply party guests with arts and crafts projects:

[All photos via thenightlenz]