"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Winter Without The Weather At LA's Bardot

by SARAH MANDATO · December 17, 2009

Los Angeles during the holidays is a very interesting place. Christmas lights adorn many a palm tree, people "bundle up" in extra layers of thin plaid and the only severe weather conditions are surf advisories.

This makes for particularly good going out, as you have vacation time but aren't actually scared of leaving your apartment, save when you can muster the energy to dress like that kid from "A Christmas Story," in an outfit ideal for braving a scene from "Vertical Limit." If you don't remember that TNT frequent replay, it's actually really good, but hasn't been in rethread since around 2003. Still, it is worth the reference for, if no other reason, the fact that Chris O'Donnell is Mr. Mountain Man in the flick. Netflix it up.

ANYWAY, those Left Coast kids are enjoying winter sans the pesky winter weather, which is why places like Bardot in Los Angeles are full of festive holiday dress (that's a loose employment of the word, meant to include red and green lingerie, which ain't exactly a Santa suit or cheesy reindeer sweater), flowing drinks and your requisite, strange looking LA people. It's like the tortured Lindsay Lohan look still maintains appeal, for some. We don't get it.

[Photos via TheCobrasnake].