"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Wu-Tang Clan Brings The 36 Chambers To Club Nokia

by Alex Gilman · January 24, 2012

Quick, name the first thing you associate with Staten Island. Angelina aka Dirty Little Hamster from "Jersey Shore"? Shame on you. There's only one correct answer, and it's Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. Aside from being single-handedly responsible for the beautiful griminess of mid-90's East Coast rap, the Wu has displayed shocking longevity, with an impressive array of group and solo albums, not to mention the myriad other ventures that individual group members have embarked upon. This weekend, they tore it up at Club Nokia. Hopefully you still have your Wu Wear jeans?

[all photos via Timothy Norris/ LA Weekly]