"Best $85 Million I've Ever Spent!" Petra Ecclestone Celebrates The Spelling Manor Sale & Bastille Day In St. Tropez

by Emily Green · July 18, 2011

[Petra Ecclestone photo via] Good for Petra Ecclestone for snatching up L.A.'s most offensive and enormous monstrosity at nearly half the staggering $150 million asking price. Securing the The Spelling Manor which might be the town's biggest abomination of taste and proportion last week for $85 million must have taken quite a toll on her and she certainly deserves a little vacay after such a trying ordeal. Nothing too fancy or over the top though, she needs to be conservative after buying that manse. So how did the 22-year-old British heiress relieve some of that stress and decompress? Jetted out to St. Tropez for some yachting, VIP David Guetta, and Akon, obvi! Let's take a look at how Petra sought refuge and caught up on some much needed R&R.

Her sister Tamara Ecclestone has been kind enough to document her and Petra's retreat to the French Riviera via Twitter and has made sure not to glaze over any details because she's really thoughtful like that.

So beautiful and sunny in St Tropez. Jul 11

So nice out at sea on the boat about to have dinner and its still boiling. Jul 11

we are sailing to another bay near St Tropez need to chill before all the parties start tommorow night Jul 12

My sister tanning! Jul 12:

Petra Ecclestone [via]

Because life is better when you're tan.

Love it here x Jul 12:

Tamara Ecclestone [via]

Does anyone know a good nail technician or salon in St Tropez? Jul 12

Just finished dinner for some reason am so tired think its because I ve been so lazy today! But love it I am in holiday mode. Jul 12

The weather is awful its grey and raining but apparently the sun will be back tommorow! Hope so. Jul 13

Good lord. I'm concerned you guys, and not just because Tamara doesn't know how to spell "tomorrow". What the hell are they supposed to do aboard a stupid yacht if they can't even get a tan??

Going into the port in St Tropez no sun so maybe some shopping instead. Jul 13

Retail therapy. Buying something hideously overpriced always makes me feel better.

David Guetta djing at the party we re going to tonight can't wait! Jul 13

Oh it is SO on!

My sister and I having pedicures and blow drys before going out tonight. Jul 13

My sister and I x Jul 13:

Petra Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone [via]

Shots have started!!!! Jul 13

David Guetta OMG Amazing Jul 13

After drinking kettle one grey gooose is undrinkable! Jul 13

No kettle one at byblos in st tropez wtf! Jul 13

No Ketel One?? Seriously, WTF?!

Ok enough mr guetta need more words in my music! Jul 13

You hear that, David? Words please.

Morning how are you all? Sun is out today such a beautiful day. Tanning at the moment. Jul 14

Going to VIP tonigh Akon will be there can't wait getting in the mood with a blow dry and a glass of wine! Jul 14

Loving thhe fireworks Jul 14:


For Bastille Day, really rich people watch fireworks offshore, away from all the poor people.

We need to start getting ready! Jul 14:

Petra Ecclestone [via]

My sister and I just had a bowl of ice cream rightt before drinking and going to a club! So wrong! Jul 14


Ready to go out Jul 14:

Petra Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone [via]

We are bothing wearing herve leger tonight. Jul 14

Keep an eye on these two, they are true trendsetters.

Getting ready to go out to Caves tonight I definately will not be drinking! Jul 14

The hangover must be one of the ones that makes you forget how to spell.

Morning how is everyone? The weather is beautiful in St Tropez so going to tan today Jul 16

About to have a disco nap lol! Can't wait for VIP tonight one of my favourite clubs! Jul 16

Just having my hair done and trying to decide what to wear tonight. Jul 16

Ugh, sometimes choosing an outfit is my hardest part of the day. It's so unfair...

Ready for tonight. Jul 16:

Tamara Ecclestone [via]