Michael McGregor Explores The Art Of Room Service & Perpetually Roaming About

by Guest of A Guest · March 11, 2024

    There's nothing so wonderful as to be just passing through. To shake up the usual mise en scène in favor of some new locale - a mystery of moments to be unwrapped.

    Artist Michael McGregor is often on the move. Three months in Athens, a stint in Los Angeles, popping in to check on things in New York, loafing about in London...

    The only constant? Pencils and paper.

    With the release of Room Service, McGregor's new must-buy book featuring 118 of his classic "point and shoot" style drawings, hotel stationery becomes a most brilliant medium for documenting a roaming holiday.

    A well-traveled suitcase plastered with stickers at The Ritz, a mustard-topped Dodger dog remembered at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a poolside palm tree at Hotel Byblos in St Tropez.

    Rambling mementos - scribbled postcards sent to you, to be perched upon your coffee table with the pride of being someone with taste.

    [Photos via Paragon Books and Hashimoto Contemporary]