The Curious Case Of Armie Hammer's DMs...

by Millie Moore · January 13, 2021

    In New York or L.A., there are two types of women: those who's been hit up by Armie Hammer, and those who know someone who's been hit up by Armie Hammer. Same goes for Adrian Grenier and Leo DiCaprio, but, um...getting offended by plastic water bottles or vaping during sex while wearing headphones are nothing compared to Armie's sexual proclivities.

    As it turns out, Armie is into some pretty fucked up sh*t including but not limited to, drinking jars of his lovers' blood, violent fantasies, cannibalism, and having sex with girl's body parts. We're not talking the usual spots, like, ya know, a vagina, we're talking about murdering the girl and fornicating with her brain and liver. Here's some of the many, many screenshots that Instagram users @houseofeffie, @truth.and.facts, and @dominastya have posted:

    Wow, Armie looked at Hannibal Lecter and said, "Hold my pint of blood, I got you beat" and went for it, huh?

    The women who have come forward are just several of dozens. Shockingly, they've been trying to come forward about Armie's behavior for years, but have been threatened, silenced, or manipulated back into a relationship with him. They've even tried to warn Elizabeth Chambers, Armie's soon-to-be ex-wife, about the abuse and infidelity he's committed, but her responses, as evidenced by @dominstya's screenshots, have been along the lines of, "You're honestly a tragic excuse for a human..." and, "it's just sad that people like you exist." Sources are now claiming that Elizabeth is "shocked and sickened... and believes the women." Um... sure. As for Armie's die-hard fans, they've gone as far as making fake screenshots of the victims admitting that their claims were fake. 

    Like, you can't make sh*t like this up!

    As if the physical and mental abuse these women endured at Armie's hands wasn't enough, the long term effects have landed them in the hospital (for psychological and physical afflictions) and therapy. Rape, cannibalism, and committing physical harm while ignoring agreed upon safe words goes beyond the world of fetish or fantasy. Armie's DMs and actions with these women make it abundantly clear that he enjoys debasing them until they simply break. 

    While Armie has allegedly been conducting these illicit, abusive affairs with women for years, he has also spent that time cultivating a near pristine public facade that he is a feminist. In the past, he shared a story with Playboy about the "craziest thing that's happened to him during sex," which was that his girlfriend at the time "stabbed him, but we dated for a few more months after that." He also has waxed poetic about how he doesn't even pull his now ex-wife's hair during sex because he's such a feminist and respects her too much. There's even super cuts of him making it seem like he's a huge feminist and saying he has taken on a traditionally maternal role in his household by cooking for the family every night. (Sidenote: anyone else worried about what he cooked his family? Does Jeffrey Dahmer have a cookbook we don't know about?) 

    In hindsight, it's clearly not just a way to pander to the media, but it's also a textbook narcissist attempt to come off as a knight in shining armor. This isn't anything new; James Franco, Louis C.K., and Kobe Bryant have pulled this scam too. You really want people to like you? Offer to buy them a drink, give them a stick a gum, and perhaps don't assault or debase women. Funny how predators use being a feminist as a way to cloak their abusive ways and come off as likable, whereas women in the industry who fight for equality are treated like they're the villains.

    It's becoming more and more clear that #MeToo has barely scratched the surface. Why must we treat these men as if they're indispensable, and their victims as if they're not just expendable, but subhuman and not to be believed? Is Armie Hammer truly that invaluable of an actor? Where else can we find someone to play an affluent white guy who falls in love with Serena on Gossip Girl? Or an affluent white guy who throws a bitchfit because he thinks he invented Facebook first? Oh right, the entertainment industry has plenty of white guys more than capable to replace him, ripe for the plucking.

    [Photo via @armiehammer]