Best $1.2k She Ever Spent... Lindsay's Courthouse Footwear

by guestofaguest · September 24, 2010

    [Photos via] So Lindsay Lohan got thrown back in jail today without the option of bail meaning she could be spending about a month behind bars. Yawn... this story is tired. We get it, she's a complete train wreck who does the exact opposite of what's in her best interest. Blow, DUIs, lesbian lovers quarrels, hitting baby strollers... Same shit different day. So let's talk about the outfit, more specifically, the shoes.  How could Judge Fox not give her at least some recognition for wearing the fiercest footwear to grace the municipal facility?? Talk about criminal! In case you were wondering, the fancy footwear are Christian Loubitin's Madame Butterfly Booties which retail for $1,195. Yup, for just $1,200 you could have at least one main element of Lindsay's attempt at demure down pat.  Because peep-toe stilettos project an image of responsible adult and play down the slutty, coked-out truth, ya know?