Does Matt Damon Have A 16 Year Old Daughter Living In Toronto?

by guestofaguest · March 9, 2010

    Matt Damon, Luciana Bozán BarrosoOne commenter is going to great lengths to make you believe he does:"Matt Damon and Erin Fellows have a 16yr old daughter together. They live in Toronto, Canada. They met years ago while he was in Toronto looking for locations for Good Will Hunting. The press knows and the story will be breaking soon."

    Is this even possible? Good Will Hunting was shot in 1997, which means they would have had to have been "scouting" for locations a whole 2-3 years prior. Possible, but probable? Or, is this just the work of someone with a personal vendetta against Damon. Similar comments have turned up on other sites.

    If this Good Will Baby exists, it would mean that Damon, at 39, would have had to have helped conceive her at 23, and then proceed to do an incomparable job at keeping this one under wraps. Evidence on whether this story is true or just a rumor from a tactless Internet commenter is sure to unfold soon....

    [Damon and his current wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso are pictured at top.]