Would You Do Dog Yoga With Lance Bass?

by Millie Moore · August 24, 2017

    While all of our childhood dreams of marrying the frosted tip heartthrob with the megawatt smile were crushed about a decade ago, we're still not through barking up Lance Bass's tree - and we mean that literally.

    Lance Bass decided to shake off the "boy bander has been" title and leave that to Joey Fatone and Nick Lachey, and is now promoting dog yoga

    That's right. Dog yoga, or "doga," is a thing. And we're totally about it. 

    Doga is all about cultivating a connection with (wo)man's best friend. While you're in downward facing dog, your precious lil pal will be getting acupuncture and massages to align their chakras. Finally, the royal treatment they deserve! "Dogs devote their lives to their humans," doga instructor Stephanie Kang says. "And humans cater to their pups at yoga." 

    First an entire puppy island, then a puppy café, then a puppy museum, and now puppy yoga! 2017 is all about equal rights for all, and it's about time we started creating equal opportunities for our pets!

    [Photo via @lancebass]