Hey Turkey, 2006 Called And Wants Its Paris Hilton 'Vogue' Cover Back

by Emily Green · February 1, 2011

    The pop culture world is a strange and scary place these days. Pregnant teens get MTV shows, America loves "Glee", and Charlie Sheen is still alive. But all that's nothing compared to halfway around the planet where Paris Hilton poses for Terry Richardson on this month's cover of Turkish Vogue because evidently it's still 2006 there.

    Apparently the Eurasian nation of Turkey has lapsed into a time warp since this is real and it's the cover of Vogue February 2011. The WTF factor of this is off the charts. Okay, sure, as much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, Paris Hilton was once relevant thanks to Rick Saloman. She even made the cover of French Vogue (five years ago!). But even in 2006, only over Anna Wintour's cold Chanel-clad body would Paris Hilton make U.S. Vogue's cover.

    And what about the match of Terry Richardson? Now that we think about it, we actually could see Terry shooting Paris in his signature glasses here today, but only in an ironic kind of way like when he shot The Situation. Wait, are the Turkish onto something with this? Is Paris like the equivalent of a 1989 Sea World t-shirt and jean-on-jean. So uncool and passé that she's hip? I mean look what happened with Tony Danza. Ugh, and she's wearing Balmain. OMG I can't, I'm not ready. Somebody do something.

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