Kate Hudson Is A Dude Magnet

by Emily Green · April 2, 2010

    Kate Hudson seems to be coping quite well since her split from A-Rod with a busy career and social life. The actress was seen yesterday at an L.A. playground in a suit before heading to a business meeting.  Unlike some other people, she actually has places to be and works, like a real person. She's also been linked to three different men and is said to be dating them all at once. I know that might sound wrong but to me, this isn't slutty. She's just testing the waters, playing the field a little, right? If she has no real commitment to anyone then she can do what/whoever she wants.  Okay, maybe not whatever she wants, but this is 2010.

    The first of the three suitors is Adam Scott, and Australian golfer whom she was supposedly seeing casually until she and A-Rod became official. Then there is an unnamed, L.A. based financier and that's about all that is known on that front. And the third luck man is cameraman Darren Ankenman, whom Kate met on the set of last year's "Bride Wars".

    Adam Scott, Kate Hudson in Hawaii last year

    I'm curious to see how this pans out.  And I also want to know how Kate is picking up all these guys. What's her strategy? I find it hard to believe it's straight up sex appeal since her curves are pretty much non-existent. So what is it then? She must have some serious game.

    [Photos via GossipCheck and Just Jared]