Lindsay Lohan Update: Wanted, Bail Set At $100k

by Emily Green · May 20, 2010

    Well, the shit has really hit the fan. TMZ has reported that After failing to appear in her court hearing this morning in Beverly Hills, judge Marsha Revel has issued a bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest and set bail at a cool $100,000.  The actress is in Cannes at the moment, seemingly never having planned to make it to the hearing even though she knew doing so would make her a wanted woman. The world has been watching her flout the law during her jaunt around the French Riviera over the last couple of days, as it was pretty much impossible for her to get on a flight back to the U.S. in time for her hearing due to the volcanic ash situation.

    This morning's hearing was over Lindsay's violation of her probation involving her compliance er, lack of, with court-ordered alcohol education classes (she has only managed to make it to 10 of the mandatory 13) as a consequence of one of her DUI's. This morning, Lindsay claimed she couldn't get back in time because someone had stolen her passport but the judge was not interested in her excuses or buying the story, saying the starlet had "a history of not keeping scheduled appointments."

    If someone ponies up the $100k bail, Lindsay can be a free woman until her next hearing under the following conditions:

    -she does not drink -she wear a SCRAM bracelet -submit to random drug testing

    If Lindsay can make it to her next hearing and the judge determines she has violated her probation, she could be looking at a sentence of 180 days in jail. That's all for now in the thundering shitstorm that is Lindsay Lohan's life but stay tuned because there's sure to be more.