Nicole Richie Celebrates Her 40th Birthday By Accidentally Setting Her Hair On Fire

by Stephanie Maida · September 22, 2021

    Nicole Richie has surely grown up since her days of causing trouble alongside Paris Hilton. We mean, she's settled down, happily married, a mom of two.

    But the tiny actress and fashionista certainly hasn't lost that iconic sense of humor we all know and love... or penchant for finding herself in some wild situations. 

    Case in point? Her fiery 40th birthday celebration. 

    This week, Richie revealed a crazy birthday mishap, taking to Instagram to share a video of the moment her hair caught on fire while she was blowing out the candles on her cake. 

    Since, thankfully, everything turned out OK, the moment was just slightly more hilarious than horrifying, although it's definitely like, every birthday girl's worst nightmare come to life. 

    On a personal note, this does make me feel a bit less bad about the time I lit my hair on fire with a cigarette on the Jane rooftop... apparently it's totally an It Girl rite of passage.

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