Of Course Paris Hilton's Dogs Live In Their Own $325,000 Mansion

by Stephanie Maida · July 24, 2019

    In case you were wondering, which we know you so desperately were, Paris Hilton's pets have their own Instagram account - and it puts most influencers' feeds to shame. 

    Not that that's a surprise. Ever since her days of toting around Tinkerbell (RIP), Paris Hilton has made the public aware of what it means to be a celebrity furbaby. When they're not lounging around inside Louis Vuitton trunks or traveling the world with their mom, members of the Hilton litter, which includes about eight, live it up inside a luxe L.A. mansion. But we're not talking about mama's house. These pups have their own MTV-worthy crib.

    A frequent feature on Hilton's (and her pets') social media accounts, with a signature hashtag and all, the #DoggyMansion is a two-story Spanish-style villa spanning 300-square-feet. It even has a balcony. Inside, where human Hilton can actually fit comfortably, the walls are Paris-pink, the furniture is Philippe Starck, and the air, you need not worry, is conditioned. The Faye Resnick-decorated home also boasts a staircase and a chandelier. 

    And if you're still not convinced these dogs live better than you, we'll let the price tag do the talking. Hilton reportedly dropped $325,000 on the mini manse back in 2009. Suddenly the term "in the doghouse" doesn't seem too bad.

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    Who else wants to live in our million dollar doggy mansion? 🐶💕🏡
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