Paris Walks Like An Egyptian In Cairo

by NATASHA STORER · June 4, 2010

    Another day, another random promotional appearance for Paris Hilton. In Cairo for a couple of days to appear at the Automech 2010 car show (huh?!), Paris did what Paris does best and posed provocatively in a barely there white dress on top of a camel.

    The revealing, backless maxi dress with plunging neckline was positively conservative for the hotel heiress, but ill-advised in a Muslim country!

    The Lonely Planet Guide recommends female travellers to dress conservatively in Cairo, or they could attract 'unwanted attention' from local men.

    Isn't attracting unwanted attention (and very very wanted attention) modus operandi for Paris?! It's no surprise then, the press-whore followed in the footstep's of her man-hungry mentor Samantha Jones (and her only relevant storyline in SATC 2), by flouting local customs for the perfect pr pic.

    Hilton is expected to jet back to the U.S. today, where she is planning to spend the weekend partying in Las Vegas - no doubt at the Luxor!

    Paris Hilton walks like a slutty Egyptian

    [Photos courtesy of AP Images]