Quentin Tarantino Causes A Scene In Front Of The Roxy. Oh, And Ke$ha Was There Too

by Emily Green · April 22, 2010

    It was just another night on the Sunset Strip after the Semi Precious Weapons show at the Roxy ended last night. An "only Hollywood" moment occurred as all of the show's attendees made their way outside including a few high profile celebs, namely Quentin Tarantino.

    [Caption This!]

    The movie heavyweight caused quite a scene as he exited the Roxy and headed towards the valet surrounded by a swarm of ladies like flies on shit, which caused the paparazzi to appear, seemingly out of nowhere, and start snapping. Then some genius security guards swooped in to try to take control of the situation which had escalated to a chaotic mob scene, demanding that EVERYONE move away, even the innocent bystanders, who happened to be at a prime vantage point for the spectacle, waiting for the valet to bring their cars.

    Do you know any of these chic and refined ladies?

    Next, Quentin made a fruitless attempt to sort out the situation himself, yelling out, "these three are with me!!" as he corralled, yes, THREE skankish types towards the car.  "A" for effort, buddy. Must be rough. Wonder how the night worked out for him? Meanwhile, Ke$ha (ew, we feel tacky just typing that insufferable dollar sign in her name) was standing right nearby and nobody even noticed... Or maybe they did and just didn't care.

    Oh, heyyy Ke$ha. What are YOU doing here??

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