SPOTTED: Spencer Pratt Looking Cray Cray In Malibu

by Emily Green · June 3, 2010

    Spencer Pratt

    Watch out Malibu! A crazed, bearded vagrant who believes he's still in the trenches in 'Nam is on the loose and taking no prisoners.  Oh wait, never mind, that's just Spencer Pratt getting some exercise.

    The most entertaining person on reality TV was seen in full recon operation mode sporting camo, cargo pants, a backpack, and a bushy beard while clutching a walkie-talkie as he ran a trail in Malibu yesterday. Fierce. Supposedly, he and his better half, Heidi, are splitting, however, no one actually believes that and thinks it's just a publicity stunt. Just like their marriage.  So is Spencer playing up the grieving husband act by looking like he's lost his shit, or is he for real? Look at him go with that golden shrubbery!

    Either way the imagery is amazing and we hope there's more where this came from. Everyone be on the lookout for more cray cray Spencer sightings!

    [photo by Pacific Coast News via]