The Bieb And Jaden Smith Stay Out Past Curfew For The Laker Game

by Emily Green · October 27, 2010

    Justin Bieber, Jaden SmithLadies and gentlemen of this fine town, we have some really special news: the Lakers have officially caught Bieber Fever. We're used to seeing tween heartthrobs (yeah, you, Zacquisha) sitting courtside at Laker games amid high rollers like Jeffrey Katzenberg and Jack Nicholson. But we think the culture of celebrities on the Lakers floor reached a new level when a duo with a combined age of 28 were kings of the court last night.

    Justin Bieber, David Beckham

    Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith made themselves riiiight at home for last night's rings ceremony and game against the Rockets. Yeah, like real cozy with some cotton candy and sodas. But was chatting up David Beckham as drops of Kobe and Pau's sweat landed on them the highlight of the night? Um, yeah right, BFD.

    No, the best part was of course snuggling in between the Laker girls for a Bieber sandwich.

    [All photo by Splash New and Reuters via]