To Style Or Not To Style: A Debate

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · March 25, 2010

    The latest decision for Hollywood's starlets is whether or not to hire a stylist. What a stressful life they lead! Let's make the decision a little easier for them with a compare and contrast!


    With the recession (yes, it affects celebs too!) and the skyrocket prices top stylists are charging for their opinion, some stars are just saying "no". "No" to paying up to $8,000 a day (according to The Daily Beast) for their services. "No" to Rachel Zoe telling you to consider going down a size.

    Both sides have their fashionistas - Diane Kruger goes sans styliste, while Anne Hathaway enlists the help of Ms. Zoe. And both have their hot messes - Agyness Deyn (that's our opinion and we're sticking to it!) and Mariah Carey.

    So let's go ahead with a classic compare and contrast:

    Round One: Diane Kruger

    Diane Kruger was definitely exciting on the awards trail this year. Her fashion choices ranged from debatable at the Globes to undeniably gorgeous at the SAG Awards. She's a style icon, though, so her choice to work without a stylist just sounds cool and brave.

    Stylists: 0, Stars sans Stylists: 1

    Round Two: Anne Hathaway

    Everyone knows that Anne chopped off her hair and hired Rachel Zoe for a makeover immediately after her break-up-heard-'round-the-world. For the most part, it's been a smart decision. She usually looks sleek and elegant. Key word is "usually". Annie looked a hot mess at the Met Ball (we know the point is to be extravagant, but that doesn't mean ugly). Having a stylist is great, but you shouldn't lose your individuality, and you should know that when your hair is teased like The Nanny, it is not a good look. Half a point for the stylists.

    Stylists: 1/2, Stars sans Stylists: 1

    Round Three: Agyness Deyn

    Agyness. Honey. You are a supermodel. You are best friends with the world's most beloved designers. You should not be walking around wearing rejects from a quinceañera dress shop. For the sake of the definitions of "style icon" and "supermodel", tone it down a bit. We'll give her a 1/4 for effort and her impeccable makeup.

    Stylists: 1/2, Stars sans Stylists: 1 1/4

    Round Four: Mariah Carey

    The original caption of the picture on the left was, "WHAT THE HELL MARIAH?" Our sentiments exactly. After two decades in the business, Mariah's fashion hardly surprises anyone anymore (dress-two-sizes-too-small, boobs out for the world to see), but the quizzical thing is that this woman pays someone to compile these 'outfits' for her. As opposed to Anne Hathaway, at least it's clear that she gives input into what she steps out in, but come on! If Mariah is really paying her stylist upwards of $8,000, she is getting majorly ripped off. She should sack the "stylist" and put the money towards another party for Nick Cannon at Six Flags. In fact, for these crimes against fashion, she just set the stylists back a full point.

    Stylists: -1/2, Stars sans Stylists: 1 1/4

    Mariah Carey single-handedly settled the debate. A stylist can mess you up just as badly as your amateur selves. So pocket the extra thousands of dollars a year, and have a little faith in yourself. Sorry, Rachel Zoe. It's nothing personal.