Tyler Shields Drops The K-Cav Bomb

by guestofaguest · September 10, 2010

    When Tyler Shields isn't hosting parties where he shoots people with guns while naked girls dance off to the side, he's getting hot young celebs to put their sexy face on for his artfully risque photos. This morning, the ever envelope-pushing L.A. photographer posted photos from a shoot with Kristin Cavallari he did two weeks, and based on their tweets that day, we knew the shots would not disappoint...

    When Tyler dropped the photos this morning he had this to say:

    Kristin Cavallari was down and got down, I kicked dirt in her face then she cut me with a giant knife all and all a fun night.

    Got down, indeed! Every guy (and girl?) who sees these smoking hot photos must be dying to know Shields' magic words to get the reality star to strip down to some lingerie and straddle guys for the camera. But for now, it's his secret to gloat about and the rest of will just have to admire his special talent.

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