VIDEO: Will Ferrell Ejects Shaq From Lakers Game As STAPLES Security Guard "Ted Vagina"

by Emily Green · February 13, 2013

    From his weighty courtside heart to hearts with former NBA players to his very public man-kisses with John C. Reilly, there would be nothing unusual about renowned Lakers fan Will Ferrell sitting on the floor at a home game. Unless of course he appeared there not as a fan, but as the STAPLES Center red coat security guard named "Ted Vagina" with zero qualms about ejecting 325lbs of Shaquille O'Neal from the venue, as was the case caught on video at last night's game against the Phoenix Suns. Confused?

    Sporting the STAPLES Center ushers' signature red blazer and a "Ted Vagina" name tag, Ferrell not only shadowed a real security guard, but actually carried out the unique duties of one during last night's Lakers win against the Suns. Namely, giving Shaq the "come here, you're in trouble" finger motion during a break in game play and escorting the 7ft hulking baller from his courtside seat and out of the game, arms behind his back and all. Check the video:

    Other than his own amusement, there don't appear to be any other reasons for Warden Vagina's presence last night and it's unknown whether he'll be on duty for future home games but you best be on good behavior if he is.

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