Watch The Tragedy Unfold: Paz De La Huerta Too Hammered For HBO's Golden Globe After Party

by Emily Green · January 17, 2011

    Paz De La HuertaAlthough a star on the Golden Globe-winning series for a TV drama, "Boardwalk Empire's" Paz de la Huerta ended last night in a tumbling, slurring, nipple-baring boozy tragedy after a failed attempt at attending her network's own Golden Globes after party.  Most of us have had our shining moment like Paz's that we cringe at just the thought of, but we probably never had a herd of paps documenting the whole thing for all the world to see the next day.

    Poor Paz got denied from HBO's Golden Globes after party at Chateau Marmont when she showed up unable to stand on her own two feet and formulate any coherent speech last night. As if the video footage of this weren't enough to make her want to crawl into a shame hole for the next three-to-five days while she collects her bearings and any remnants of dignity, it was her exit from the scene that was even more dismal.

    Watch Paz's exit...

    As a strapping gentleman literally hoisting her up guided her to an escape vehicle, Paz tripped over her dress which sent both of them toppling over one another onto Sunset Strip. And it gets worse: what became a torn Golden Globe gown lost its functionality in the breast region to expose one whole boob, nipple and all, to which she was of course oblivious.

    Our hearts go out Paz and we wish her a speedy recovery from a bitchin' hangover and what has to be a tsunami of embarrassment.