You probably think this song is about you.

drakeOne of our Bachelorettes, we will call her Jessica, was dating a songwriter for some of the most popular artists of our time.  Music industry guys can be tricky; they can go either way.  At Matching Up, we work with a ton of the behind the scenes guys, and they are amazing to match. The ones who are the music industry moguls and are steering the ship of whatever artist(s) they are working with are the best to match because they have pretty much seen it all.  When they come to a time in their lives that they want to work with a Matchmaker, they already have the "been there done that" attitude and are not interested in just sleeping around with a bunch of random women.  They crave something more authentic and less ephemeral.  The pretty girl may turn their heads, but they understand that not all women have the substance that they want for their future wife.  Let’s get back to Jessica.  Jessica was dating one of the rotten apples in the music industry, one of the guys who gives the men in the industry a bad name.  He was charming, charismatic, and always knew what to say.  He was a songwriter after all!  She found herself continuously questioning his motives because of his slick ways, and after a pretty tumultuous relationship, she finally ended things. [Photo via @champagnepapi]
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