Willie Nelson's Braids Of Glory Get The Axe!

by Emily Green · May 27, 2010

    Say it isn't so! Our favorite ever-stoned geezer and country music legend Willie Nelson has done the unthinkable and chopped off his glorious trademark braids.  We're kind of heartbroken by this news because we loved the magnificent plaits; they were part of Willie's greatness and iconic identity. He's probably the only 77-year-old who could get away with those butt-length pigtails he'd been rocking since what seems like the dawn of man.

    Willie's big reveal to world was on Saturday while he played a show in Maui with his son's band, The Reflectacles (who, by the way, are awesome and give the audiences of their shows those paper rainbow prism glasses that make the world look a little magical).  The grandpappy of stoners is now sporting an adorable bob of sorts that's going to take some getting used to.  Wonder if the severed locks of magesty will end up on ebay... Not that we'd bid on them or anything, but you know some freak would totally throw down for the pair.

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