You Won't Believe What Chelsea Handler Asked Woody Allen At Jeffrey Epstein's Dinner Party...

by Guest of A Guest · February 11, 2021

    I think it's safe to say that Chelsea Handler is one of the absolute funniest people around. You truly never know what she's going to say next, and neither does she!

    Case in point?

    During a chat with Rob Lowe on his podcast, Chelsea revealed one of her funniest, most hilariously brash stories yet. The setting of all places? Why, a dinner party at Jeffrey Epstein's house...

    "I didn't know who he was - I don't know what year it was, but it was a long time ago. I went with Katie Couric, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn were there, Charlie Rose was there, and then someone else... Peggy Siegal.

    "I was at that dinner party, not for very long. And when we got there I was like, 'What is this gathering?' Oh yeah, and Prince Andrew was there with... With no one, I guess he was there with Jeffrey Epstein. We had dinner and it was so awkward and so weird and I was like, 'What am I doing here?'

    "And then I asked Woody Allen how he and Soon-Yi met and that was when I left...

    "At that point of the night I was like this is just a ridiculous dinner party, who are these people? I didn't understand. And then I looked at Woody Allen, we were sitting together eating dinner, he was sitting next to me, and we were talking about who knows what. And I really was curious, like I had forgotten for a moment, and so I asked them what I would ask any other couple. But as it came out of my mouth I knew that it was too late. And I was like, oooh.

    "And he loved it. And Soon-Yi, I don't think she heard it, but Katie looked at me and she's like,  'Let's go.' I'm used to leaving a dinner party on that note so I was ready to rumble"

    After Rob Lowe remarked, "I love social faux pas stories. That's a great one. That'd be hard to beat," Chelsea set him straight. "I don't even consider that a faux pas because I'm not being rude, they are by marrying your step child. Like that's rude."

    Oh to have witnessed that most amazing moment!