Did You Know That Jason Priestley Is A Doting Father?!

by SARAH MANDATO · March 4, 2010

    Jason Priestley[All photos by Mark Woodworth for PMc]. Yes friends, Brandon Walsh was indeed spending quality time with his wife and children over the weekend doing, like, family stuff! Specifically, the smiling and happy group shopped at Silver Spoon's Oscar weekend Red Cross for Haiti Relief event at Interior Illusions. Dude, where was Dylan?

    While the rogue highschooler was nowhere to be seen, Donna Martin's real life and somewhat contentious mama Candy Spelling showed, as did Brittny Gastineau, Micah Jesse and Niecy Nash. Rack riflers proudly displayed their wares, all while giving back to the ongoing rescue and repair efforts.

    Dah-na-na-na, da-na-na-na. (Early era fist pump by Brandon) Ch! Ch!



    Brittny Gastineau, Dori Cooperman Danielle Thur, Jenna Leigh, Micah Jesse, Jessie Kohen Brittny Gastineau, Dori Cooperman, Danielle Thur, Jenna Leigh, Micah Jesse, Jessie Kohen

    Candy Spelling, Tom Sesti Lindsey Mann, Niecy Nash Candy Spelling, Tom Sesti, Lindsey Mann, Niecy Nash

    Scott Bailey, Adrienne FrantzAdrienne Frantz Scott Bailey, Adrienne Frantz, Adrienne Frantz