Kipton Cronkite And Patrick Duffy Host Armory Arts Week Kick-Off

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 3, 2010

    [All images by Marc Dimov for PMc] Last night at The Box, Kipton Cronkite and Patrick Duffy hosted the KiptonART and Mr. Patrick Duffy  Kick - Off for Armory Arts Week 2010 party.-

    The event featured musical performances from New York favorite, Paula Valstein, and Branden Olsten that entertained the crowd full of artists, and if you weren't having the time of your life, there was a Teddy Bear walking around to cheer you up.

    KiptonART is a foundation founded by Kipton Cronkite in 2002 that helps up and coming artists find an outlet for their work. The organization will display the art work on their website, or in exhibition spaces. Last night's event was the perfect opportunity to display more art; even the invitation was designed by a member artist.

    To help host the event were Thomas Rom, Peter Davis, Gregory Dufner, Marla Goldwasser, Brian Gorman, and more. In attendance was Dione Bermet, Graham Tabor, Justus Kewenig, Karline Moeller, and Zev Eisenberg.

    Dione Bermet, Miguel Villa ?, Graham Tabor, Thomas Rom

    Justus Kewenig, Karline Moeller, Kitpon Cronkite, Aaron Nicklin

    ?,?, Zev Eisenberg

    Emma Snowdon-Jones, Daniel Cappello, Shareefah Mapp

    Teddy Bear, ?,?,?

    Branden Olsten, Thomas Rom, Bianca Kawecki

    Patrick Duffy, Kipton Cronkite

    Jordan Fox, Branden Olsten, Paula Valstein

    Andrianna Dafnis, ?, Meike Meitz, Julia Parke

    Farah Basile, Scott Buccheit, Anastazia Rogers

    Michael Shvo, Seren Ceylan, Kipton Cronkite