About That Daft Punk & Rolling Stones Coachella 2011 Buzz...

by Henry Conklin · January 12, 2011

    Daft PunkIn light of some feedback on the Coachella 2011 Lineup Predictions post yesterday from our fans who are adamant The Rolling Stones and Daft Punk are confirmed headliners, we'd just like to say we hope, from the bottom of our hearts, they're correct. Sincerely. However...

    Even though both bands have received a great deal of buzz this year, there is no way to absolutely confirm OR deny either of them (unless someone can send us those purported weeks-old Stones contracts!! Please?!).

    [Click flyer at left to see the full-size version of our Coachella 2011 predictions lineup!]

    Band reps have not commented on whether or not they will be performing, and while the general sentiment across the Internet may be that both acts will 100% be there, it is pure speculation until some form of concrete evidence is available. Daft Punk have been buzzed about every year since they performed in 2006, and while there have been some official statements about a possible tour this year, absolutely none were about Coachella and the tour announcement is far from a confirmation for next year.


    Rolling Stones

    I personally hope to see these two on the official lineup, but I'm not going to get my hopes up just because a number of anonymous forum-posters and boardies mutually agree that these two acts are "confirmed." But someone, please, we implore you, send us the proof and then we can really celebrate!

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