At The Oasis Beach Club + Thoughts On High Heels At Coachella

by THEO HENDRIX · April 19, 2011

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    Maybe you're expecting us to tell you how totally radical awesome the the Oasis Beach Club/Coachella Beach Club weekend event was, but we're not going to. You already know this, so it'd be a waste of your time and frankly, ours.

    The only pertinent information you really need to know is there was a ton of delicious food for the taking (hellooo sliders), DJs playing all day and night, girls stumbling prancing around wearing bikinis both with and without high heels, and water guns filled with alcohol. We'd also like to take this opportunity to say to all the ladies who wore those high heels to the pool parties—no, let's make that heels at any point throughout the weekend: props to you fierce females. We have so much respect for you being able to pull that off considering how difficult it is for the rest of us just to stand upright on two feet throughout the weekend. YOU, ladies, are the true Coachella warriors.