Coachella Ticket Contests: What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

by Emily Green · February 8, 2011

    Dear ticketless Coachella aspirants, if you're not able to spend in the neighborhood of $700, sell an organ on the black market, or are just shy of three goats to spare to get inside Coachella, don't give up hope.  You can always enter some contests to win tickets courtesy of Global Inheritance. But just because you're not paying out of pocket doesn't mean these coveted passes won't cost you.

    However, if you're willing to sacrifice your dignity, the health of your friends and family, and the cost of gas, lost hope, and broken dreams of driving to Coachella only to be told you're not a winner, then these contests may be the best option for you. Now's the time for some honest self-reflection and to ask yourself how badly you want to make it to the annual festival in the desert. Would you do this? [Top photo via]


    How To Enter: Drive to the Coachella festival grounds with at least four people in the car and place a normal size sheet of paper or larger on your dashboard displaying the word "CARPOOLCHELLA". "Secret Spotters" will be roaming the area looking for cars of four or more with the Carpoolchella signs and randomly choosing winners .

    What You Stand To Win: Prizes will be selected randomly and include but are not limited to:

    VIP tickets to Coachella for Life

    All access guest passes

    VIP wristbands

    Photo passes

    $50 Coachella merch vouchers

    Golf cart ride to the front entrance

    What You Stand To Lose: Four (or more) people's gas, time, and hope. And imagine the burn of being picked as a winner only to win the merch voucher. What a slap in the face. It's not even enough money to get all four people in your in your crew "I Survived Coachella Traffic and Heat And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" shirts. [Photo via]

    TRASHED Coachella 2011

    How To Enter: Design a creative, innovative recycling bin for the Coachella grounds and submit your concept and artwork. If you get the green light as one of the 50 confirmed recycling bin artists, you build your bin which will be on display in L.A. for the two weeks before the festival.

    What You Stand To Win: Of the 50 confirmed bin artists, 25 will win VIP Coachella Tickets and the other 25 will win Coachella Gift Bags.

    What You Stand To Lose: Time, effort and the cost of designing a recycling bin. Again, unless there are some festival tickets in that gift bag, it's really no consolation. [Photo via]

    Energy FACTory DJ Mixer

    How To Enter: Submit your DJ demo music mix. Here's where it gets interesting; if you get approved to participate you'll have to spin for the standard 40 minute set times at the festival for the Coachella crowd. BUT you'll also need the help of 18 friends and/or family members there backing you...

    What You Stand To Win: A chance to DJ a set at Coachella, plus access to the shows for you and your 18 team members.

    What You Stand To Lose: For many, such an opportunity to show off DJ skills would be a dream come true. Even if it isn't, a DJ set at Coachella is a small price to pay for access to the shows.

    The larger cost comes at the expense of 18 of your friends and/or family members you'll need in order to spin your set since they're the energy source to power your DJ equipment. Next to the stage where you'll perform, your crew will have to ride hamster wheels, energy swings, energy bikes and do lots of other exhausting activities and exercises (in what will likely be 80º+ heat in the desert). The energy they generate will be stored and used to power the decks for your DJ set.

    If you can round up 18 people who are willing to reduce themselves to caged rodents running in place under extreme heat in front of the festival audience (which we would totally do, by the way), then this could be your golden ticket. Photo via]