Complaint Box: "Stop Telling Me About How Cool Coachella Is Going To Be."

by Emily Green · April 6, 2011

    We've all been a bit insensitive and perhaps a little obnoxious with all our Coachella talk. I mean, it's not the freaking second coming of the messiah. Jay-Z was last year, remember? But seriously, people are really sick of hearing about Coachella and would like us to stop. We're not going to, but we do hear them, especially when their complaints are in hi-larious comic form like Robbie Pfeffer's:

    "Yes, I know Coachella is right around the corner. Yes, I know that it is going to be really awesome. Yes, I realize I could see Crystal Castles, OFWGKTA, !!! and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti all in the same day. But I'm not going to. I'm going to be working, so shut the fuck up."

    Go on, Robbie...

    "Yes, I realize they needed to leave a day after the Kings of Leon played in order to let the ego equilibrium return to normal before having it once again be blasted out of the hemisphere by Kanye West. No, I have no idea why they booked Duran Duran."

    [Editor's Note: Hey man, I like Duran Duran!]

    "I realize how much fun you had last Coachella when you guys all got to camp out and how much more fun you plan on having this year. I on the other had, haven't seen the newest installment of the 'Meet the Parents' series yet. Also, I will be picking out a new laundry detergent. So, don't think you're the only one having a good time."

    Go HERE to see Robbie Pfeffer's "Noise Complaint" in full!

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