Leonardo DiCaprio & Orlando Bloom's Coachella Bromance Is Perfect

by Stephanie Maida · April 17, 2017

    Sure, Coachella may be the girl gang capital of the world come springtime, but let's not forget about the budding bromances the beauty of the desert can help bloom. Orlando Bloom, that is. (Sorry couldn't help it.)

    According to a treasure trove of Twitter photos revealed today, everybody's favorite and least problematic pirate-slash-elf thing has been having quite a time with the pu**y posse king himself, Leonardo DiCaprio. Over the weekend, the two dreamboats frolicked arm-in-arm (well, practically) throughout the Coachella Valley, hitting up Levi's Neon Carnival and chillin' shirtless in indiscriminate kitchens while bags of Doritos gaped on as lovingly as we are right now. 

    While reports of flirting models and flings with former Justin Bieber flames keep permeating this ongoing tale of two bros, we'd rather not think about anyone coming in between this wonderful, ab-filled love story. Bro on, you two. Bro on.

    [Photos via Twitter]