Leonardo DiCaprio Is Once Again The King Of Coachella Disguises

by Stephanie Maida · April 16, 2018

    Where there are squads of hot, leggy blondes, there is also Leonardo DiCaprio.

    This weekend the aged star made his annual pilgrimage to Coachella, and more specifically, the fun-fest that is Levi's Neon Carnival with Tequila Don Julio. In the nine years since the coveted after-bash's inception, Leo has never been a no-show.

    And as hard as he tries, he's also never gone unnoticed. This year he traded in his signature baseball cap for a hoodie and...3D glasses? But of course he couldn't go without his favorite accessory - a twenty-something model on his arm (or back).

    Anyway, is it us or does this ensemble remind you of something?

    [Photo courtesy Getty/Levi's Neon Carnival]