Phoenix After Party, The Last Of Coachella

by Emily Green · April 21, 2010

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    Coachella 2010 ended on a very high note with spectacular performances by Phoenix, Thom Yorke and the Gorillaz, and of course an after party.  After a two nights of epic parties, the third and final night to close out the weekend had much to live up to and definitely came through. The hot ticket of the night was the Phoenix after party at Turbo Tavern on the Green.  Although a much smaller space than other parties of the weekend, the night was just as wild as the rest. Maybe even more so since everyone knew it was their last night to party it up before snapping back to reality on Monday. Like the rest of the Coachella experience, the night was a goldmine of winner outfits: bear hats, pilot body suits, bow ties and shiny capes.

    Guests were able to refuel after hours on the polo grounds with some late night food so they didn't have to keep raging on an empty stomach (never a good idea!). Once again, pretty much everyone was dancing like maniacs by the end of the night to the music stylings of DJ MomJeans, Chris Holmes, Myles Hendrik and James Oliver.

    The party certainly matched the awesomeness of the weekend and gave guests the one last hurrah they needed before they had to say good-bye to Coachella 2010. We miss you, Coachella!