Presenting Your Coachella 2011 Wristbands

by Emily Green · March 31, 2011

    [Photo via] So remember how roughly half of the people you encountered at Coachella last year made it into the festival grounds through illegitimate means, like the old wristband pass-back or simply sneaking in without one with great ease? Well friends, this year is supposed to be different with much tighter security (read: semi-functional at the very least) to prevent that from happening again.

    [Left: like a decorated war veteran, an array of accumulated wristbands from last year] If you're still ticketless and banking on one of the aforementioned methods of entry, you should probably take a gander at this year's GA Coachella wristbands (above). We're not saying you shouldn't try your luck at beating The Man but simply letting you know, at least in part, what you're up against. As you can see, the bands this year are quite ornate and a challenge to counterfeit. And if the scanners at the gates actually work this year, everyone who makes it through will be accounted for with those shiny blue pieces, RFID chips which will not only be scanned at entry, but also track you inside like GPS. There's no telling how effective these security measures will be but if Goldenvoice's shitshow level of organization in the previous years is any indication, they may just be fancy scare tactics. God speed, gatecrashers.