Yo, COACHELLA 2012 Passes On Sale NOW!

by Emily Green · June 3, 2011

    Please excuse us if we're interrupting your 2-hour lunch at Joan's on 3rd on this hectic Friday in your arduous week of freelancing—unless you're actually employed and reading the compelling stories on this site to kill time as you quietly chant "baby step to 5-o'clock", then you're welcome—but this is important: passes for Coachella 2012, for BOTH weekends, are on sale right NOW. They went up for purchase at 10am today and are only available for a limited time so, like, maybe you want to get on that or something?

    If this is news to you and you're all "wtf, 'both' weekends?" and didn't get the memo about passes going on sale almost a year before the 2012 festival dates, don't worry, we got you. Just go HERE and HERE to get filled in on these major Coachella revelations and take a deep breath.

    Oh, and get your effing passes HERE!!!!!!!!!!!