Crazy Robertson Is A Fashion Icon

by Emily Green · March 29, 2010

    If you haven't seen him yet, you will. And  trust you won't miss him. This is Crazy Robertson. He dresses like this and roller skates around the celeb-saturated strip of Robertson Blvd. He doesn't simply skate down the sidewalk - he dances, with all of his being.

    He's been a fixture in the area for years... Ever since I can remember.  Amid the celebrities who go to seek attention, normal people who go to gawk at them, and lurking paparazzi, you can usually find Crazy Robertson tearing it up on his skates.  He likes to watch his reflection in the store windows as he grooves and gets down.  It's thoroughly entertaining and he's become part of the whole environment. His craziness is not only embraced, but valued.  If he one day disappeared the neighborhood would be worried.

    crazy robertson

    As grossed out by the Robertson strip as I am whenever I go there since it is kind of a microcosm of what's wrong with LA, seeing him always makes me smile and thankful that he exists.  If you take a friend from out of town to Robertson one afternoon to show them where they saw Lindsay Lohan get in one of her accidents with the paps and the latest Hollywood loser attempting to gain some relevance by eating at the Ivy, they will undoubtedly ask about the fabulous freak rocking out on roller skates.  "Oh, that's just Crazy Robertson. Isn't he fierce?"

    crazy roberston

    He's such an icon that people have actually capitalized on his persona.  They saw an opportunity to build him into a brand and now he's immortalized by a clothing line at fucking Kitson.

    [All photos via MySpace]