Agent Provocateur Lands On Rodeo Drive

by Emily Green · February 24, 2011

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    Lingerie and nipple pasties probably aren't quite what you envision when you think of Beverly Hills cocktail parties, but that's exactly what guests found themselves surrounded in Thursday night. This was not the Barbara Davis crowd's sort of affair but the opening of the new Agent Provocateur store on Rodeo Drive, because the one on Melrose wasn't enough.

    Models filled the store wearing its risque designs as guests tried their damnedest not to stare, and mostly failed. Who can blame them? People are expected to get kind of creepy when you shove a buffet of boobs in their faces.

    You know what else you find when a bounty of ladies in nipple tassels descends on the 90210? Rock stars. Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro must have been out of the country because you know they would have been there (and probably offering assistance to the models when changing outfits) with fellow rockers Billy Morrison and Donovan Leitch who made themselves available for the event. Also in attendance were Debi Mazar, Cameron Silver, Julie Newmar, Estella Warren, Kristy Hume, Sally Kellerman Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Alessandra Garcia-Lorido, Creative Director Sarah Shotton and owner Garry Hogarth.

    With the opening of the Agent Provocateur store, Rodeo Drive isn't just for tourists anymore. It's for pervs, too! Just kidding.... ;)