Alma De Agave Tequila Tasting At Red O

by Emily Green · August 19, 2010

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    Angelenos looove their tequila - just ask Vinnie Chase! So it's no surprise that everyone was all smiles last night for the L.A. launch of Alma De Agave Tequila at Red O. The sweet, healing nectar of the agave was free flowing inside the new restaurant's tequila lounge where guests celebrated the brand launch by tasting the product and sampling its many mixed possibilities. The hibiscus cocktail definitely won for most popular drink of the night, with recent converts urging their friends and neighbors to try it.

    But what's tequila without a little guac to go along with it? Red O knows we don't play like that, so they made sure all the necessary components were in place, including mini tacos. It's safe to say that Alma De Agave made a great first impression on L.A. and did just the trick to make this crowd of young professionals happy campers after a long midweek workday.