Boobytrap's 4th of July Rooftop Bash

by Lisa Wojcik · July 6, 2010

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    The Independence Day festivities on the roof of The Standard Downtown continued throughout the weekend for those who chose to forgo the legendary traffic to the coast. At Sunday night's pool party presented by Boobytrap, guests donned leather and knee highs to fit in with crowd of folks who persistently try not to blend in.

    The party's DJs Kim Anh and Anon kept the crowd bumpin' to beats with their unique blend of house, dance, and punk.  Dance breaks were filled with dips in the pool, or going back to the bar for seconds, thirds, or... "who's counting's." With the help of these cocktails, guests kept busy on the roof amid downtown's skyscrapers into the wee hours celebrating the red, white, and blue.