Bookmarc Draws Drag Queens & Locals For Jeremy Kost's Book Signing

by Emily Green · June 8, 2011

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    When you think of book signings, small children, tranny queens and cans of sparkling wine may not necessarily come to mind, and it's not just because you aren't hip. These are all somewhat exotic to the traditional book party, and only a truly special force in the universe like Jeremy Kost's newly released It's Always Darkest Before Dawn could have made them all essential parts of the equation for his signing last night at Bookmarc.

    Oh wait, Bookmarc—that's in West Hollywood, isn't it? Never mind. Still, it was a special gathering in honor of the renowned New York nightlife photographer's new book of polaroids. Comprising the book are snapshots taken over the years which capture a wide range of outrageousness, from NY's gritty underground club culture to celebrities like Bill Clinton and Pam Anderson and the city's most flamboyant drag queens. So clearly this was kind of a big deal and explains why trannies like Disco Dollie, Glitz Glam, Rudeness and Glamorous Monique got extra fancy for the occasion. On a related yet separate note, the CFDA just presented Lady Gaga with this year's Fashion Icon Award and I for one feel the fine ladies just mentioned were straight robbed. They've been doing they thang wayyyy longer than her prescribed freakshow factor. Just saying...

    Disco Dollie, Glitz Glam, Diana Coney, Phillip Gutman

    But last night was not about Gaga and my issues with her [See: "Hey, Lady Gaga, You Are A Real Jackass"].  It was about the real deal as captured by Jeremy Kost and celebrated by the eclectic crowd who came out and let their colorful flags fly high for the night.


    Disco Dollie