Chef Holli Ugalde's "Hell's Kitchen" Viewing Party

by Emily Green · July 21, 2010

    Pierce Street Annex

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    The thought of watching ourselves on a reality TV show airing for the first time is enough to spark a cringe fest, and amongst a group of people, downright horrifying. But for Holli Ugalde, the pretty, young chef competing in this season of "Hell's Kitchen", watching herself take the heat each week as she cooks her butt off is a reason to celebrate with friends. In PUBLIC. Eeeek!

    Last night, Holli and friends gathered at the Pierce Street Annex in Costa Mesa to watch the special two-hour episode of the cut-throat culinary program over drinks.  And from what we can tell, Chef Holli doesn't seem to mind having everyone in the room watch her on the pub's multiple screens as she sweats in the kitchen and has her food critiqued. No, she takes it like a champ, but not without a few eyebrow raises and gasps along the way...

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "Oh, he did not just do that!" face

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "OMG he really did do that!" face

    Holli Ugalde Holli Ugalde "The camera does kind of love me" face