Cocktails At The Colony For Hudson's After Hours Event

by Emily Green · June 17, 2010

    Geri Hirsch, Liza Kaplan

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    Hudson's camp must have done its homework, because the premier denim line took over one of Hollywood's newest and "so right now" nightclubs on the scene last night for a preview party of its Spring/Summer 2010 collection. SBE's The Colony, was the venue of choice for the event, where L.A.'s young fashionistas enjoyed pink grapefruit cocktails and a constant flow of tasty hors d'oeuvres while checking out the new denim styles on display.

    The new Hollywood space was ideal for the party, with plenty of room to lounge and meander through the crowd on the open-air patio. It's surprisingly comfortable and warm, and we were totally feeling the beachy vibe and slightly distressed woody element. Unfortunately, due to SBE's ambitions for The Colony to "embody the spirit of the Hamptons," it's hard to take the place seriously. I mean, it's on Cahuenga next to the 99 Cent Store, and is packed with the typical Follywood crowd on a given night. They should have just gone with beach-themed or even said it's meant to feel like Malibu.  At least then the crowd would somewhat fit the bill, but as long as there's a healthy dose of Ed Hardy and a lady ratio of four blonds to every brunette amid the patrons, wooden-planked floors and seersucker won't ever transport you to the posh Long Island coast.