Corey Helford Gallery Goes Neon For Natalia Fabia

by SOPHIE GREEN · July 12, 2010

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    Friends, family, and fans gathered at the Corey Helford Gallery, which had been transformed into a neon wonderland, for the opening of Natalia Fabia's new exhibition, "Fashionable Aftertaste Without End". Guests came dressed in brightly colored outfits, matching the colors used in the artwork. The theme seemed to be a harajuku girl- Gwen Stefani type of look with crazy hairdos, wild prints, and unusual footwear.

    Other trippy elements of the show included Natalia's integration of her models. The very ones the artist used to create her paintings were in attendance, posing next to the pieces they were the subjects of. Due to their life-like quality, the juxtaposition paintings and their models had viewers thinking they were seeing double all night.

    Neon colored cupcakes (what party would be complete without them??) and cocktails circulated as guests cooed over the works by the artist and her hot fuchsia chandelier-like installation suspended overhead in the middle of the gallery. Natalia's use of bright color in her work, combined with the delightful costumes of guests who filled the space set the tone for the night, creating a fun, lighthearted atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.