DDP Aussie "Barbie" Hollywood Hills Pool Party

by Lisa Wojcik · June 22, 2010


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    What do you get when you mix a slew of Aussies and DJs, and leave them together for 8 hours with free booze...Deep Downunder Productions (DDP) Summer Soulstice Party. DDP heated up more then "shrimp on the barbie" this weekend as they hosted their annual Summer Soulstice jam.

    Aussie Angelenos invaded a Hollywood Hills mansion this past Sunday, sun bathing, bbq-ing, spinning records, and, yes, even playing their didgeridoos. The mansion served as the perfect setting for the pool party with multiple luxurious rooms, pool, jacuzzi, theater, and even a night club. The king of the DDP, Jamesen Re, decided to throw the bash to unify Aussies in the entertainment biz. With the mansion as a backdrop, string bikinis being donned, and girl on girl make out sesh's, we've dubbed Jamesen the Hugh Heffner of DDP Summer Soulstice.

    "Barbie babes" grilled hamburgers, and DJs dropped beats to raise funds for Hollows Fund, a charity which works to end blindness around the world. This event kicks-off a series of Sunday parties, offering an alternative to your typical brunch. Make sure to buy your tickets for the next one.